The Confess Project and MV Soaps announce a partnership to improve mental health outcomes for Black men and boys

This week, The Confess Project and MV Soaps are proud to officially announce their MV Soaps and The Confess Project Collaboration Initiative


The Confess Project, a non-profit organization, based in Atlanta, is credited with initiating the first-ever mental health barbershop movement. They are a national organization committed to building a mental health culture for Black boys, men, and their families by empowering frontline heroes and sheroes in communities across America. They train community leaders, especially barbers, to be mental health advocates.


MV Soaps is a black-owned, luxury personal care brand located in the Washington D.C. Metro area. They are committed to advocating for mental health and wellness while creating high-end skincare and grooming products for melanin Kings. 


MV Soaps has always described itself as a social business. However, this partnership increases our level of accountability to that identity for our community. “This agreement is a significant milestone in the history of our brand,” says Akin Walker, the Founder, and CEO of MV Soaps. “Ever since I learned about TCP’s mission and approach to extending life expectancy for Black men, I was determined to work with them.” 


“The Confess Project is so excited to partner with MV Soaps.”  Says Darnell Rice, Chief of People Officer of The Confess Project.  “Self-care is an essential piece of mental health.  MV Soaps is the perfect partner for The Confess Project because we want to continue to push Black boys and men to take care of themselves mentally and physically.  Skincare is important to Black men.  When your skin feels great, you will feel better mentally as well.” 


Here are the highlights of the partnership: 



1.) MV Soaps agrees to give the Confess Project 10% of their profits.



2.) The Confess Project and MV Soaps will run co-marketing campaigns, including impact campaigns, to raise awareness of the importance of mental health for Black men and boys. 



The team members from The Confess Project and MV Soaps are confident that this partnership will be an excellent opportunity to push the importance of self-care within Mental Health.  Not only do we want Black boys and men to be healthy mentally, but we want them to feel confident in their skin as well.  This partnership will do just that for all Black kings. 

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