" I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly. I am also, much more than that. So are we all. "

-James Baldwin

About MV Soaps

I'm Akin Walker, Founder of MV Soaps.

When other black men try our products and realize our brand is all about them, they are astounded.

Before I started this journey, I was frustrated by the lack of quality, natural skincare products catered to my needs - moisturizing and nourishing with fragrances that appealed to my fly.

When I dug deeper, I was amazed to learn that the government classifies many skincare products black men use as detergent.

First, I tried other natural skincare brands. While I was satisfied to know keeping my skin healthy with products I was using, I still did not see myself represented in any of the products.

I decided to do something about it.

I was introduced to cold process soapmaking and began to create new formulations in my kitchen. The rest is history.

MV, the name of the brand, is the namesake of my two beautiful sons, Micaiah and Vonan. It also stands for "Men Validated", a phrase that speaks to the brand ethos and culture: that black men need to feel seen and understood.

On a mission to annihilate ashiness and advocate for mental health

Around the time I launched this brand, I lost a childhood friend to alcohol addiction. Now, MV dedicates 10% of all profits to initiatives that improve mental health outcomes for black men.

Our Values


Our products include classic ingredients for the classic man. The average commercial soap contains detergents that can damage the skin over time. We want to take the mystery out of personal care so you can clean your skin with confidence.


We stand behind our products. When we say we are a luxury brand, we mean it. Not only do we ensure every product shipped meets our high standards to delight our customers, but we also guarantee a full refund if you are unsatisfied with your experience.


We don’t skip a beat. You need a brand that can meet your needs when you are always on the go. We promise a seamless fulfillment experience for the products you depend on.


MV Soaps would not exist without its community. We keep social responsibility at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we give a portion of our profits to empower men everywhere, but we seek new opportunities to uplift others.

"What do you mean by 'natural' anyways?" and other FAQs

What is this place?

This is a skincare product haven for black men. If you want to be a part of the movement, stay a while and see what we're all about.

Why should I care?

Because our products are changing the lives of black men all over the country.

Is it true 10% of all profits go to mental health programs?

Yes. MV Soaps is a social business. We exist to enact change in our society. Our products are the evidence of our dedication to our mission.

The Confess Project is an example of a not-for-profit we support. They enable barbers and salon owners to be mental health advocates.

How come people can't get enough of these products?

We put a lot of love and care into the products we make. Only the best of breed for our community.

I'm in. What should I do next?

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